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[one_half animation=”Grow In” delay=”150″][si-contact-form form=’1′] [/one_half][one_half_last animation=”Fade In From Right” delay=”150″]Amazing news – Fabulous breakthrough in High Performance Conditioning for Success. Mataip Mindful Yoga Wellbeing sessions, Workshops opening intelligent neuro-pathways to Heal Your Spine and stay Functional for Life.[divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=””]

Next workshop for High Performance and Spinal healing

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6th December Norwood Green Village Hall. [divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=””]

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Getting to the end of a year and wanting a great festive period looking fabulous it’s not to late. it’s all about what you put in including FORM  the way you move. Mondays ensure you get the correct form to supercharge your body and look superb. You will end up with a stronger Spine after four weeks. Feel stronger and stay awesome on Monday with
Walk tall and see you soon.


Healing Your Spine Intelligently

Spine Long


Wellness Foundation

Healing sessions with the Mataip Formula inc Mataip Pilates and Yoga. You can heal your spine in a controlled setting with the guidance of your Master Coach Mark Thomas Monday  Queensbury Vic hall 18:15 – 19:15. Key points before you get there ensure you keep hydrating on clear filtered water and berries to boost the immune system. More essential tips in sessions and in one to one consultations.

Get in Shape

MATAIP YOGA Pilates relaxation

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Wellness FoundationGet in Shape for a fabulous festive period and look fabulous with our Nutritional Booklet to lose half a stone two to three inches off the waist line in four weeks.  You can collect your booklet when you sign up for Monday night Bootcamp 7:30 Queensbury Vic hall, upstairs in the council chamber . Complete with the essential method and form required to lose those unwanted inches. £30 for booklet and four weeks sessions.  [/one_half_last]