Mark Thomas

A phenomenal break through in conditioning for mind and body that will assist you in being healthier, leaner and stronger. You can expect to increase health, strength and prosperity in your life.

Yoga Pilates Guru Mark Thomas

My Story

Having suffered numerous injuries including whiplash, a thirty feet fall on concrete; ligament strains, broken bones and digestive problems.

Miss-diagnosed/ operated on for a gland issues which I subsequently found to be an irritant in nutrients consumed. The above left me with imbalances in my bio-mechanical and skeletal system and Chronic Back Pain. Existing regimes I found had floors which impeded performance and imbalances in my system which turned out to be a driver for my education in high performance exercise functional movement and healing.

Then bouncing from therapist to therapist, I had to find a way to heal myself, stay healthy and vibrant. Coming from a sporting background riddled with injuries I had to find a way to heal quicker stay vibrant, functional keep the bodies numerous systems in balance.

My education in Bio-mechanics, anatomy, physiology and exercise started well over twenty years ago leading onto Reflexology, NLP/ Hypnotherapy, Mataip Yoga and Reiki, Personal and Training Development, Stress-Management and Coaching.


MATAIP Yoga Pilates has roots in Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar, Martial Arts, and more and can produce amazing results with diligent practice.

MATAIP Coaching Yoga/Pilates is not only a session it becomes a way of life for total wellbeing.  Essential for wellbeing Mataip Yoga Pilates and Unique Coaching formula now, keeps so many people functional and strong in Mind, Body and Spirit.

Prevention is so much better than the cure.


You can expect to...

Heal your spine.

Weight loss made simple.

Mindful sessions improving focus and performance.

Achieve a calmer, leaner, healthier body.

Natural stress relief.

Look younger with more vitality.

Increase your performance stay functional.

Improve pelvic floor and erectile function.

Positive mind and body image.

Ease chronic spinal pain.

Results based assessments and solutions.

Elimination of cravings.

Functional awareness.

Correct input for mind and body.

Guided alignment movement and strength for the spirit, mind and body .

Get access to your guru Mark Thomas with essential solutions.

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