Mindful Yoga

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Mate Yoga

The World No1 Sustainable Yoga format to keep You looking and feeling fabulous

Mataip Yoga

Research over the last twenty five years have shown that a significant amount of people manage back pain with Mataip Yoga.
Sessions are suitable for all levels and achieve amazing results for Mind and Body.

Mataip Yoga  : Mark Anthony Thomas Awesome Intelligent Programming.

If your not sure which Yoga format to go with. Mataip Yoga is not a fad it is here to stay and can help with all aspects of life.

Asanas (poses) with Mataip Yoga ensure participants experience healthier function of internal organs. The liver, kidneys, colon function at optima levels leading to healthier vibrant living.

Need a Healthier Intelligent Core – Mataip Yoga will assist you with flattening your abbs, strengthening your spine.


Mental Health

Mataip Yoga s been shown to improve neuro-muscular function. In simple terms Your brain, mind and body will function at a higher level. You will experience more balance in Life.


Thousands of participants over the last twenty years have noticed amazing positive mood changes after experiencing Mataip Yoga sessions. Levels of depression decrease significantly leading to joyful, Healthier living.

Mataip Yoga :  pre and post natal mums have a healthier core and stay healthier through all trimesters and rehabilitate quicker than non participants.

MATAIP Pre natal

Mataip Yoga breathing ensures your respiratory system works efficiently increasing energy levels.

One to One clients have the benefit of close attention and tailored programs to increase bone density, easing arthritic conditions.

Mataip Yoga Mindful Wellbeing Retreat Portugal 23-30 September 2016

Ten workshops bring Mind and Body back into Balance and ensure participants feel truly rejuvenated



Peace, Health, Prosperity

Mark  Thomas

Health, Strength, Prosperity

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