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One2One Sessions

Discover How 1000’s Healed and Prospered with Mark Thomas Mataip Yoga SMF the key Sensory Factor.

  • Mindful hypnotic sessions for your life or sporting goals
  • Stronger spine with accelerated healing
  • Simple weight loss & confidence
  • Mindful improved focus and core strength
  • Goal achievement/visualization mindset for prosperity
  • Stress management guided meditation for achieving your goals
  • Essential assessment & analysis for higher performance
  • Pathways to accelerated healing & extending life
  • Psychosomatic, prana & reiki healing

Group Sessions

The Mataip mindful formula heals your spine quicker with a combination of healing and strengthening techniques working safely, effectively slowing down ageing, enhancing prosperity.

  • Lower back issues heal in a few weeks
  • Weight loss made simple
  • Arthritic issues, sciatica, frozen shoulders healing
  • Nuero-pathways open for accelerated healing
  • Rehabilitate from surgery quicker or avoid surgery
  • Intelligent mindful input for mind and body
  • Guided alignment, movement and strength
  • Get access to your guru Mark Thomas
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Book Now

Secure your place to the next Mataip Session by purchasing through PayPal below or call the office on (0113) 3501566 or 07790024776. Terms & Conditions Apply. Contact the office for the latest offers.

Online Taster20.00 GBPOne Time Only Session
Online Monthly160.00 GBP16: Group Sessions
One to One Spinal Solutions400.00 GBPSix: One to One
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Weekly Sessions

Please call to check availability. All sessions below inclusive of the Holistic Mataip Method Academy – Intelligent Programming for Mind, Body and Spirit.

Accelerated Spinal Healing Boosting Brain Power, Cognitive Function, Mobility and Core Strength.

Yoga Pilates - Vinyasa Yoga

  • Monday 12:30pm - 13:30p
  • Clayton Village Hall, Reva Syke Road (off Park Road), Clayton Village, Bradford, BD14 6QN

Yoga Pilates Optimal Spinal Health

  • Tuesday 18:30pm - 19:40pm
  • Clayton Village Hall, Reva Syke Road (off Park Road), Clayton Village, Bradford, BD14 6QN

Neuro-Spinal Yoga Online

  • Wednesday 18:35pm - 19:35p

Yoga Core Spinal Conditioning Balance

  • Thursday 11:00am - 12:00 online

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