Easing Arthritic Conditions


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Easing Arthritic Conditions

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Mataip Yoga Essential for Arthritic Issues and Inch Loss

Essential Mataip poses will be needed to compliment your regime. Mataip Yoga and Coaching sessions available at Clayton Village Hall, Clayton, Bradford, BD14 6QN Wednesdays at 19:00-20:15 will ensure you make fabulous improvements to your Mind and Body. Mataip Yoga and unique Mataip Pilates methods ensure that you feel amazing after a course of sessions.

If you need to feel awesome and ease any arthritic issues you will need expert coaching available at wellnessfoundation.co.uk

Mataip Yoga Pilates and Personal Coaching sessions will maintain the integrity of your structure so you can feel fabulous. Any inflamed joints will be eased with Mataip Yoga methods as we align your body correctly.

You will need expert tuition to enhance your body and with over twenty-five years of teaching and coaching expertise you will notice benefits immediately with Mark Thomas Master Coaching style.

You can collect your Nutritional booklet in session or order a copy at wellnessfoundation.co.uk

Power Foods this week leading to a Stronger Spine and reducing medication in the following list.

  • Rice
  • Spinach
  • Sardines
  • Eggs
  • Olives
  • Salmon
  • Turmeric

Love, Health and Prosperity

Namaste – Mark Thomas
Master Coach


Stronger Spine

Spine Long

Healthier Mind, Body, Spirit and Stronger Spine with Mataip Yoga and Pilates.

How Mataip Yoga and Coaching sessions work?

Mataip Yoga uses asanas (postures), focused concentration on specific body parts of the body, and pranayama (breathing techniques) to acquire synergy with the Body and Mind with Spirit.

The body
Mataip Yoga asanas (postures or poses) help condition your Mind and Body. There are hundreds of yoga poses, and in Sanskrit, these poses are called kriyas (actions), mudras (seals), and bandhas (locks). A kriya focuses on the effort necessary to move energy up and down the spine; yoga mudra is a dynamic discipline using integrated muscle fibers to hold energy or concentrate awareness; and a bandha uses the technique of holding muscular contractions to focus awareness and regulate energy flow.

The dynamic practices we use in all sessions at Queensbury Victoria Hall Bradford and on Retreats in Portugal 4-11 September ensure arthritic issues eased and diabetes will be controlled with no harmful side effects what so ever.

You will be guided diligently through every session safely and staying within safe but challenging parameters. Research indicates that with regular Mataip Yoga and Pilates practice Your Spinal and Core Strength will increase dramatically.

Mataip Yoga, Pilates and Coaching sessions are proving to be an absolute must for Stronger Spine, Pelvic floor and guarantee you are free from Chronic Pain.

Connecting beautiful Spirits with Mataip Yoga Pilates Personal Coaching.

  • Namaste – Love Health and Prosperity
    Mark Thomas
    Master Coach

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