Mataip Yoga Mindful Techniques

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Reduce Stress in and out of the workplace with Mataip Yoga Mindful Techniques which will soothe your nervous system and balance Mind and Body.
Essential Mataip Coaching techniques will be used in 11 Workshops at Quinta Mimosa, Loule, Algarve Portugal 23-30 September 2016
Limited places available on this awesome Mindful Yoga Pilates and Wellbeing event.

Meditation for Clearing, Calming and Cleansing Mind and Body 

MATAIP YOGA Pilates relaxation
Mataip Yoga Mataip essential Coaching for Clearing Mind and Body with clearer body you will achieve so much more.
Mataip Yoga Pilates and Personal Coaching with twenty five years of what works will Burn Fat Quicker and ensure your body works more efficiently.
Fat Burning nutrients identified and techniques used Sculpt a more efficient body.

Lose Inches with Mindful Mataip Yoga

In order to lose inches you will need a Stronger Spine. Great news with Mataip Yoga your Spinal Strength increases so you can perform.
Leaner Healthier Body with Mataip Yoga
Mataip Yoga responsible for people in the fifties with bodies much younger than their years

Mataip Yoga 

MATAIP YOGA Pilates relaxation

Mataip Yoga


Essential Mindful Yoga format for Lowering Blood Pressure and bringing your body back into balance.
Your heart and Lungs will operate at a more efficient balanced level with Mataip Yoga. Mataip Yoga inclusive of essential Mindful Meditation techniques to improve your performance.

Key Fat Burning Tips for High Performance

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Key Fat Burning Tips for High Performance

Monday Victoria Hall, Queensbury  6:15 – 7:15 Mataip Yoga Uks no1 Mindful Yoga Format.
Simple Dynamic Yoga Format that gets results.
Improve your Posture and Strengthen your Spine with Mataip Yoga.