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Mataip Mindful Self Image
Mataip formula and your New Positive Self Image.
Mataip inclusive of Intelligent Mind Body Essentials for You to achieve your Goals.
Brain surgery by world authority Dr Penfield and Dr Rogers at Montreal Neurological Institute supports the fact that when you program the subconscious positively, you lay down a blueprint for future success. Master coach Mark Thomas at Mataip Ltd embraces your gifts and takes your body to a higher level and slows down the ageing process with dynamic workshops and sessions to fuel future success.

Meditation and Happiness Within


Meditation and Happiness Within

Happiness and Burning Fat for a Healthier Personal Psychology for success.
Methods continued with Guided Mediation 1-1 and group formats at Mataip Ltd.
One-one Mindful Mataip Intelligent Programming for happier Healthier You
Guided Meditation with Master Coach and Hypnotherapist/ Elite Mind Body Coach and Healer
Mark Anthony Thomas ensures a Brighter Future when you power your subconscious with Essential Guided meditation techniques

Healthier Living

MATAIP YOGA Pilates relaxation

Need the Edge for Success?

Mataip Ltd Hypnotherapy and Mataip Mediation techniques ensure you have a sustainable format that keeps you Functional and Stronger.
After 25 years of research and study we have modified unique methods to increase your Spinal Strength leading to a Brighter Future.


As you are a Unique Gift of Creation you need an exciting methods to ensure you maintain or increase your beauty at mataip.com we will ensure in workshops you discover essential Meditation techniques for daily enhancement.

Mataip Ltd Embrace wisdom from over 4000 years and accompanied with present day solutions. Mataip Hypnotherapy give you the psychology wisdom to achieve your goals.

Healthier Intelligent Living for a Healthier Spine.

Accelerated Healing for your Spine with Key Meditation techniques at the next workshop Saturday 19th March 9:30-12:30 Norwood Green Village Hall HX3 8QN.
Ancient Wisdom and Solutions for a Brighter Future.

If you own a pair of High heels you may need methods to balance your Mind and Body to eliminate the risks of arthritis and degenerative joints. Discover methods for a Happier YOU.

Discover a confident Self Image and Boost energy levels on the The Yoga Holiday with 11 Workshops to enhance your wellbeing.