Mataip Bone Density Strengthening

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After twenty years of Coaching and healing we discovered key techniques not to be missed for accelerated results and reducing fat cells. Intelligent Programming of the prime stabilising muscles ensure that you achieve firmer, intelligent structure to assist with bladder controlled bone density. Arthiritic issues will be eased and eradicated in Sessions and Clinics presented by Mark Thomas Coach. Healer. Director. With over twenty years experience certified in Pilates. Yoga. Hypnotherapy, Stress Management and so much moreā€¦.. ensures that you go to another level.

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Pilates and Yoga have now gone to another level with New Intelligent Programming for Mind and Body in MBE Yoga sessions exclusive to Mataip Ltd and Wellnessfoundation. When you experience these sessions you will soothe the Nervous System and gently massage the internal organs increase the number of intelligent cells to increase bone density. Experienced guidance keeps you on track to stay functional and keep your Skeletal structure operating at top levels.

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Clinics coming soon in April June will improve Bone Density and slow down the ageing process. Matiap Yoga MBE sessions is the world no.1 format for Mental Health and High Performance Functional Living.