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Mataip yoga classes Bradford

Mataip Yoga Mind Essentials Clinic

Sunday  28th May 9:30-12:30 Norwood Green Village Hall.

Stay on track with powerful modifications and Key Chakras to  increase Inner Strength  building bone density.

The Next Level for the Pelvic Floor, Spine, Mind, Body & Spirit.

Cardiovascular Health and Balance

Mataip yoga classes Bradford

The world’s no.1 Mind Body Format for bringing Mind and Body into balance alleviating stress on internal organs Mataip Yoga Mind Body solution sessions.

Another beautiful day to remain aware of what may elevate you further and improve performance.
If you possess a car or work at seated work station or spend over six hours at a work the chances are you have major imbalances forming that will impact on performance. Individuals may have noticed  they’re becoming shorter due to lifestyle factors with essentials fibres reducing in length affecting mobility.

Mataip Yoga research over the past twenty years indicated that the seated workstation will inhibit your lung capacity and cardio vascular health. Your heart is unable to function at optimal level causing stress on the other internal organs and muscular structure. For example note how you feel as you rise from your desk after been seated for over thirty minutes. Hips, spine and neck along with entire structure will have serious imbalances will speed up the ageing process and cause digestive issues.

The great news is that regular natural medicine in the form of Mataip Yoga will address serious imbalances and get you back on track for healthier living and high performance.
You will need to put the time in to remain in balance. At every opportunity get yourself into a three hour  Mataip Yoga clinic which will bring Mind and Body back on track.

Further info at mataip.com sessions and clinics.

Portugal retreat 1-8 September for perfect harmony and balance with Mind, Body, Soul leading to more prosperity.

In the Zone

Mataip yoga classes Bradford

The Next Level for Mind Body and Spirit

Stay on track with Mind Body Essentials Clinics and retreats to ensure you stay in the zone for accelerated Rehabilitation and Healing.
You can simply use Mind Body Essential clinics to ensure your body stays on Track and in Balance.

Developed over 25 years and presented by your guru Mark Thomas Your Spine, Pelvic floor and body image will go to another level.
Mataip Yoga and Mind Body essential sessions power your subconscious Mind where all the magic resides so you perform at higher levels.


If you desire a Healthier Stronger Mind and Body this is the world’s no.1 Mind Body format to ensure you stay on track to achieve your goals.
Essential Stress management not to be missed,  you will feel amazing.
Prepare to feel awesome and book your place today at mataip.com.

No gimmick, no side effects only Natural Medicine in line with Universal Intelligence.

Sunday 28th May Norwood Green Village Hall 9:30 -12:30  Village Street, HX3 8QN

1- 8 September Mataip Yoga Mind Body Essentials Retreat, Loule, Algarve, Portugal mataip.com retreat page