Essentials for Mind Soul Body

Stay on track for Higher Performance with Essential Mataip Yoga Mind Body
Essentials Clinic and Workshops.

Workshops entail:

Mataip Yoga
Stress Management
Anxiety Relief
Spinal Solutions
The Next Level from Pilates
Sensory Motor Solutions
Heightened Awareness
Accelerated Rehabilitation
Health Strength and Prosperity Solutions
Pranayama Life Energy Transcendental Meditation techniques

Workshops coming soon
4th August
Norwood Green Village Hall

Mataip Yoga Wellbeing Retreat Quinta Mimosa, Loule, Portugal
14 -21 September 2018

Life Energy

MATAIP Ltd / Wellness Foundation : Call : 07790024776 Yorkshire's No.1 for all your Yoga and Pilates requireements.

HI there everyone let’s tune into more powerful energy to enhance Mind and Body. 

Accelerated Healing is now here for all levels. All is you needed is an open mind and access to Mataip Yoga Mind Body Clinics. 

In the U.K. Research indicates there are over ten million suffering with inflammation within the structure struggling with rehabilitation. 

Research at Mataip Ltd and evidence  from thousands who have been prescribed NSAID non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs have suffered side effects which affected mood, sex drive, sporting performance, gastrointestinal intestinal issues, upset inflamed stomach and intestinal lining. 

Solutions for accelerated rehabilitation include anti-inflammatory antioxidants including Tumeric part of the ginger family. 

Leafy green vegetation ideally eaten raw. 

Are you getting enough fresh air? Whenever possible get yours of out and breathe slowly walk intelligently with your head to  the sun will assist rehab. 

Pilates is ok and we still teach it partly at Mataip Ltd wellness foundation. However we developed a system which takes mind and body to another level with Mind Body Clinics inclusive of Mataip Yoga. 

If you need a sustainable format you will need our twenty year enhanced format devised for YOUR body to Heal and Transform. 

The immune system is empowered in clinics and accelerated healing and rehab takes place due to Superior detailing Mark Thomas devised over the past twenty years.

Next workshop for High Performance and Accelerated results increasing Bone Density and Life Performance.
Workshop entail detailed Spinal Healing
Prana Breathing
Joint Care
Ancient Yogic Wisdom

Norwood Green Village Hall

Saturday 4th August
Limited places available full payment required to reserve your place.
Contact: Mark  text:07790 024776

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