Health and Spinal Meditation

6am mediation for pain free living. Higher holistic consciousness for premier living and accelerated healing, strength and vitality. New zones where your body heals and transforms. Bespoke for your unique type elevating the mind, body and spirit. Natural medicine available at
Combination therapies and sessions delivered by gurus with over 40 years of experience. Online and life sessions that empower deeply.

Pain free spinal solutions.

Elevating mind, body and soul with guru holistic sessions. Accelerated sciatic, spinal healing and weight loss where required. Mataip neuro spinal yoga blocks that empower and heal deeply. Discover how thousands healed and prospered the holistic way with anti ageing techniques. Holistic transcendental Yoga, Pilates Ki, Reiki, Mental strength and more… Essential treatments and meditation where you transform and boost the immune system.