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Mataip Academy

When payment has been received, manuals will be sent out in the post and development begins with your extensive manual. Module one will consist of teachings drills and practical understanding of bio-mechanics and correct methodology. Your Mataip/Wellness Foundation Yoga Pilates manual will consist of over forty poses to balance mind, body and spirit with further dynamic modifications on practical modules.

Course dates: February - March 2019

Over 350 hours of study is required for theory and practical benefits.  Limited numbers on the course to ensure quality tuition and remarkable results.  

Perfect pose by your local yoga guru

Yoga Pilates Certification Programme

Courses and workshops are facilitated by coaches with over twenty years experience and ensure you get the correct information for Mind, Body and Spirit.

From the certification programme you can expect to:

  • Teach to the highest possible standards
  • Observe and correct postural defects
  • Have a functional understanding of bio-mechanics
  • Have a correct understanding of core strength and function
  • Multi-level teach accommodating all levels
  • Healing Philosophy & Accelerated Healing
  • Learn stress management techniques to balance mind and body
  • Earn additional income, be your own boss & set your own hours

Help Others Improve Their Life

Mataip mindful sessions take the guess work out. With over 25 years experience we have the correct Hypnotic Mindful Formats for guaranteed results. Get the edge you need for improved performance.

  • Sciatica and lower back issues healing in a few sessions
  • Improved posture with mindful intelligent input
  • Mindful simple weight loss
  • Correct Intelligent programming for mind body and spirit
  • Assessment analysis and solutions for higher performance
  • Universal laws of mindful achievement
  • Meditation for healing & prosperity
  • Increase inner strength by at least 20%
Lunge yoga pose at seaside
Tattooed man cleansing by meditation

Reiki Prana Healing Courses & Clinics

Intelligent Programming for Mind Body & Spirit. Mataip Reiki Prana Healing directs life energy into billions of cells in the human kinetic chain accelerating healing.

  • Reiki balances and energizes us on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
  • Hands on guided bio-mechanical healing unique to Mataip
  • Miracle spinal & imbalances healing
  • Free the body from disease, relaxing deeply
  • Boosts the immune system with intelligent programming of mind body and spirit
  • Bring mind body spirit into balance
  • Detoxifies the body slows down ageing
  • Can be used alongside all religions and western medicine practice

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