Miracle Spinal Solutions

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Mataip Yoga Mind Body Essential session

“We Eat ,Breathe, Walk, Sleep, Positive Energy”

Mataip Yoga and Mind Body Essential sessions presented by Mark Thomas with 25 years of Healing/Coaching ongoing experience.

You discover missing links in the west which compliment the Health Service.
If you have a seated work station, car or sofa these sessions are imperative for Quality of life and functional living.

You can tune into the Next level for Mind, Body and Spirit to keep you on track to achieve your goals.

Miracle Mind Body Essential sessions ensure your Mind and Body go to another level.
Mataip Yoga and Mind Body essential sessions will bring more Joy and Happiness to your structure.

The quality of life improves with every workshop and clinic. For those who wish to deepen their practice you can reserve your place on the Mind Body Essentials Clinics 

Your Spine will feel Stronger   
Your internal organs will function at a higher level
Your gastrointestinal lining will operate at a higher level
You will lose undesirable inches around the waistline and thighs
Your Pelvic Floor will be stronger
You will experience more stability
You will be guided with intelligent input to produce intelligent cells that know how to stabilise.

Intelligent pathways that alleviate pain
Neck pain disappears after Mind Body Essential Sessions
Lumbar Spines feels, stronger and you stay in the Zone to manifest more in your life.
Total Spinal Solutions.

Next Mind Body Essentials Mataip Yoga MBE CLINIC workshop
Saturday 3rd February  2018 Norwood Green Village Hall,
Village Street, Norwood Green 
9:30 -12:30

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